My Next Chapter
My Next Chapter

I realized that the answers I needed were within me. I needed to this process to reflect and assess. Suddenly it was so clear -- I wondered why I waited so long to take this step. By the time I left, I had a plan in place. I am happier and more focused than I have been in years!

- Mary Scott
Kingsport, TN

What previous My Next Chapter workshop participants are saying...

  • My role for the last 20 years has been to support and partner with my husband. I've realized that he has achieved most of his goals, and I am proud to be part of that. But now I want goals of my own. "My Next Chapter™" was exactly what I needed.
    (Amy, aged 51, community volunteer)

  • I was surprised to learn the future is not dark and scary but is actually a place that I control. For the last three years my head has been spinning with questions, possibilities, and "shoulds." For the first time in years I know where I am headed and why.
    (Sherri, age 42, insurance industry manager) 

  • I came because a friend asked me to join her. I arrived thinking, 'Why am I here?" An hour into the first day I was thinking, "Thank goodness I am here." I had no idea how much I needed to step back and do this!
    (Susan, age 50, former advertising executive, now volunteer)

  • I am grateful to have a structure to evaluate my life -- past, present, and future -- and fine-tune my plans and goals for "My Next Chapter™." The process gave structure to the concerns every woman I know is expressing.
    (Meredith, age 38, banker)

  • This is a program for self-starters who are high-achievers -- the "go-to" girls. It helped me assess where I am and where I am going. Having feedback from a variety of others took this to a different level than anything I have ever seen before.
    (Lauren, age 64, recent retiree)

  • For the last 5 years I have known something is missing but I have been unable to clarify what to do. I was scared that if I tried to find the missing element, my life would be in upheaval. Instead, I learned that rather than radical change, I need to let go of issues that are long gone and in the past.
    (Deborah, age 57, recently relocated through her husband's promotion)

  • After signing up for the workshop, my husband accepted a job as CEO at a dream company and we will be moving at the end of the school year. I was tempted to cancel. Instead, I now see this move as my opportunity to make a difference in a new community. I am going into this situation for the first time ever with a plan and new energy about what this can mean to me.
    (Carol, age 47, homemaker and volunteer)

  • By the end of the workshop, it had become clear that I need to better manage my time and commitments and to learn to say "no." It was suddenly clear to me that I need a part-time job -- not for the money -- but as a commitment just for me, not anyone else. I am happier than I have been in years.
    (Cindy, age 51, former bank executive)

  • I have contemplated a major life change for years, but have yet to take the first step. I am now clear about what I need to do and why. Thank you!
    (Janet, age 44, management consultant)

  • Some of the women at my table are making huge changes. For me, the process was a matter of fine-tuning. I am making several small adjustments which have already increased my happiness.
    (Anne, age 59, real estate broker)


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